Running A Game Server With Or Without Your Own Equipment

30 March 2015
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Many multiplayer games come with the option to use your game with all the files needed to maintain a server. With a server, different friends and other gamers can connect to your game with a robust amount of management across the Internet. Players from around the world can connect instead of being limited to people who can connect to those inside your building. As you prepare your server plans, consider the different traits and benefits of using your own equipment versus the convenience of colocation.

What Do You Need To Run Servers On Your Own?

In order to run any kind of game server, you need to know the specifications for the game and the server. Game servers need a powerful combination of processor efficiency and lots of memory in order to do the job properly.

The processor handles all of the complex calculations of what goes on on the game. Actions by different players, the proper response for the server and all of the computer-managed characters, enemies and environment details must be managed by the server, even if you or your players aren't interacting with different parts of the game world.

You need enough memory to handle the increasing number of actions that happen within the server. When something happens in the game world, that information needs to be sent to each player in the game world, which makes every connected player a separate package of memory demand.

You'll need to not only build the machine to do this job, but deal with the energy consumption, high temperatures and programming maintenance that comes with servers and their updates. Colocation could take a lot of the burden off your shoulders.

What Is Colocation?

Many data centers and computer warehouses have lots of servers and other network devices for providing different services. They may rent out server space for people to run their websites or voice servers, or they may allow people to buy virtual space to manage games or do just about anything with virtual computers.

Sometimes virtual computers just aren't enough. You may need speed and consistency that can only be affordable in delivery by your own physical equipment. Even if your equipment can handle all of the processing and heavy file usage on the servers, you may not have the Internet capacity or the professional expertise to manage the server properly.

Colocation data centers can accept your equipment or build custom equipment for you to be stored in their data center and used just like one of their own devices. You benefit from a data center business's Internet capacity and all of the Information Technology (IT) engineering knowledge that thrives in the data center on a daily basis.

Instead of rushing to learn new techniques or hiring your own IT staff members in-house, colocation offers a quick and reliable way of managing a server. Talk to experts like Isomedia, Inc for more information.