Keeping Your Data Center Management Center Clean And Organized

12 April 2016
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A server room can often be a cluttered mess of cables and wires. Not only can a disorganized server room be an eyesore, it can also have other negative effects such as reducing the airflow of the server room, increasing the risk of a fire.

Manage Changes In An Automated Way

Create an automated change control process. This should handle your facilities, information technology (IT) and infrastructure. Automated change control is essential because a great deal of the technical mistakes that are made result from changes made to software. Automated change control software provides the application program interfaces (API) that allow for third-party software to access and modify centralized software systems. API refers to how different software components should interact with each other.

Clean And Remove Clutter

Regularly remove clutter to improve airflow. By improving airflow, your server room will be less likely to overheat. The server room is best cleaned with a vacuum that has an attachment that allows for difficult-to-reach areas to be cleaned. You would wet mop the floor, though this might be risky due to the moisture resulting.

Create A System For Your Cable Layout

Create standardized rules for your cable layout. Wrap the cables in coils so they do not dangle and take up too much space. Use zip-ties to hold the cables together. Try to keep cables off the ground whenever possible to minimize the risk that workers will trip over the cables.

Mark The Cables To Make Them Easier To Identify

To make the cables easier to work with, label both ends of the cables so that it is easier to determine which end each cable goes into. Also, label ports and jacks so you can track where the cables must be inserted into. Stack the servers in a logical manner so that the length of the cables is as short as possible.

Place Server Hardware On A Rack

Do not simply place server hardware on a desk or shelf. This approach can become unmanageable as your business's IT needs grow. Instead, your server hardware should be managed through rack mounted equipment.

Work With A Data Center Management Specialist

If your small business needs help with the efficient management of your equipment and floor space, consider contacting a data center management specialist like Cologix. This can be accomplished through the effective use of building information modeling software and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tools. These tools allow for management to centralize control of the server room.