Why You Need A Landline Phone Installed In Your Home

9 November 2020
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These days, you would be hard-pressed to come across anyone who doesn't have a mobile phone of some kind or another. Recent statistics show that approximately 96 percent of Americans have a cellular phone, which is a stark increase from the numbers listed just a few short years ago. You probably rely on your mobile phone for not only taking calls but also for sending text messages, checking emails, maintaining a calendar, listening to music, and a whole lot more. Although it's certainly very important to have a phone that you can use on the go, find out why you always want to make sure you have a landline phone as well.

Landline Phones Are Great In An Emergency

Because everyday life can become so hectic it's easy to forget to charge your cell phone. You might get home from work and be so exhausted that you instantly plop down on the couch for a nap. The hours tick away and before you know it, night has fallen and your mobile device is completely dead. This is tough enough when you just need to make a phone call to a friend or if you want to check-in with a co-worker to see if they completed a last-minute assignment. Things become more crucial if you are in an emergency situation. What if that bump you hear downstairs is actually an intruder trying to harm you or your family? Will you be able to get in touch with authorities before it's too late?

That's why it is so helpful to maintain a home phone. If your handheld phone runs out of charge for any reason you'll have a backup plan right there for your use.

Better Sound Quality Matters

If you're working from home and need to make an important phone call, do you feel confident that your cellular device is going to allow your voice to flow seamlessly through the line? If you've always had problems with sound quality and are tired of hearing clients complain about not hearing you it's time to install a landline phone in your home. You'll come across as a real professional when you don't have the static or "in-and-out" clicking that can be all-to-common with mobile phones.

Call around to a few of the phone providers in your area to get information about rates. Compare your options and make an appointment to have your home phone installed as soon as possible.