FAQs About Home Internet Services And Packages

20 March 2023
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Do you need a new home Internet services provider? Whether you're a recent college grad who is ready to enroll in their first residential Internet package, you want to switch providers, or you're moving to a new area, take a look at a few questions about this essential home service. 

Is the Internet A Popular Home Service?

Internet use has skyrocketed in the past two decades. A Pew Research Center survey from the early 2000s found that only about half of adults in America used the Internet. By 2021 this number had jumped to 93 percent. Likewise, the number of American households with high-speed broadband Internet service in their homes has grown from only one percent in 2000 to more than three-quarters of U.S. adults in 2021. 

Why Do You Need Internet Services At Home?

Some households need an Internet connection in their home, while others may only want this type of service. If you work remotely, it's likely you will need access to the Internet. Even though you could bring your laptop to a cafe or other public place that has WiFi available, this isn't always practical. To make the most of your work day and increase productivity, you will need home Internet. 

Remote work isn't the only reason why you may need this service at home. Students from elementary through grad school will need to access the Internet for assignments, to communicate with teachers/professors, and possibly even take classes (during virtual instruction days). 

Adults who don't work remotely, don't go to school, or don't have children who go to school may still want home access to the Internet. Without this service, you can't connect your computer/laptop to the Internet, use WiFi instead of data on your phone, play some types of video games, post on social media, or watch TV shows and movies on your favorite streaming platform. 

Smart home systems will also require Internet access. If you already have an existing system or want to install smart devices (such as smart thermostats), WiFi is a must-have. 

Which Residential Internet Package Is the Right Choice?

The answer to this question depends on why you use the Internet. Different suppliers offer different Internet speeds and package bundles. If you're a gamer, work remotely, stream videos/movies often, or take synchronous virtual classes, you will need a faster Internet connection with a higher download speed.

You may also need extras or package add-ons. These could include a virus protection plan or streaming/media services that come bundled with a basic Internet connection. To learn more about your Internet options, talk to your local service provider.