Switching Internet Service Providers? Be Sure To Have These Questions Answered Before You Make Your Decision

19 August 2015
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Whether you're moving homes or are just looking to change the company that sends an Internet signal to your home, shopping for a new Internet service provider (ISP) doesn't have to be daunting. Although you might primarily be interested in knowing the monthly cost of the service and determining how quickly a technician can have you up and running, it's important to avoid overlooking some simple but important questions. Whether you get a clear answer by browsing the company's website or need to call and speak to an agent, here are three questions to be sure you get satisfactorily answered before you move forward with your chosen ISP. Read More 

Managing A Game Server Via Data Centers

12 June 2015
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Game server creates an easy way to play with friends, modify the gameplay experience with your own ideas or simply explore your technical skills with entertainment that many people can enjoy. The game can also a great lesson in networking and server management, offering a lot of tools that show you what to do. As with any server, a game server can be managed with your own home equipment or leased virtual resources at a data center. Read More 

Running A Game Server With Or Without Your Own Equipment

30 March 2015
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Many multiplayer games come with the option to use your game with all the files needed to maintain a server. With a server, different friends and other gamers can connect to your game with a robust amount of management across the Internet. Players from around the world can connect instead of being limited to people who can connect to those inside your building. As you prepare your server plans, consider the different traits and benefits of using your own equipment versus the convenience of colocation. Read More 

Four Tips On Protecting Your Router From Hackers

17 March 2015
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If you don't take the proper router protection measures, hackers will be able to break into your wireless network, access your information, and slow down your connection speed. If you use the following four router protection tips, you'll make it much more difficult for hackers to take advantage of your network. Enable WPA2 encryption Without a WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) encryption feature protecting your network, your router is left wide open to attacks from hackers. Read More