Switching Internet Service Providers? Be Sure To Have These Questions Answered Before You Make Your Decision

19 August 2015
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Whether you're moving homes or are just looking to change the company that sends an Internet signal to your home, shopping for a new Internet service provider (ISP) doesn't have to be daunting. Although you might primarily be interested in knowing the monthly cost of the service and determining how quickly a technician can have you up and running, it's important to avoid overlooking some simple but important questions. Whether you get a clear answer by browsing the company's website or need to call and speak to an agent, here are three questions to be sure you get satisfactorily answered before you move forward with your chosen ISP.

How Much Will It Cost To Get Unlimited Usage?

If you're someone who spends a considerable amount of time on the Internet or your family subscribes to video-streaming services, your online usage can quickly escalate and lead to surcharges on your bill. While many ISPs offer unlimited usage packages as an option for their clients, not all of these companies widely advertise that this perk is available. Determine the usage package that's best for your family and note the price. Call to speak to an agent and ask how much extra it would cost to get unlimited usage. Often, the difference is small enough that it's worth upgrading to avoid having to worry about your usage throughout the month.

Do I Need To Rent Or Buy Hardware From You?

Some ISPs require that you rent or buy a modem from them, while others permit you to use your existing modem or buy one that suits you. There's certainly nothing wrong with renting or buying a modem or other hardware from an ISP, it's important to know this information and determine the amount of the monthly or up-front fee before you choose a provider. If the cost is substantial, you might wish to consider another ISP.

Where Is Your Tech Support Based And What Are Its Hours?

In an era in which many companies choose to situate their technical support offices overseas, others are proud to advertise that their support agents are all based in the US. While many customers have no problems with overseas support, dealing with someone on an overseas call can often lead to phone delays that might be frustrating. If you'd prefer to speak to a tech support agent closer to home, knowing this information can help you choose your ISP. Likewise, it's important to determine the available hours of tech support. Some companies offer around-the-clock assistance and others are only available during regular business hours.