4 Signs That You Need To Upgrade To High-Speed Internet

16 June 2020
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Have an Internet connection at home and think that you're all set? You may be able to benefit from a high-speed Internet connection. Here are some signs that your household could use a better connection speed.

Your Streaming Video Buffers For A Long Time

Do you go to start a movie or television show from your streaming video platform of choice and hate how it takes a really long time for the video to start? This is because the video is buffering, which means it is downloading enough of the video locally to start the show and stay ahead of the rest of the video as it downloads in the background. Slow Internet speed will cause your video to take a longer time buffering, which means slower starts each time you start a new video.

Your Streaming Video Changes Quality

Have you ever noticed that if another person in your household starts using the Internet that your video quality will get a bit blurry? This is due to there being a limited amount of bandwidth for everyone, and your video quality stream has to downgrade the quality to keep up. You may see the jump from HD to standard definition as a result and then an improvement when other people in your home stop using the Internet.

Your Downloads And Uploads Take A Long Time

Take note of how long it takes for you to upload or download files on your home computer. Does it take an unusually long amount of time to download a file, or does syncing a folder to the cloud seem to move at a crawl? You could be limited by your download and upload speeds being much slower than what you would like. Upgrading to a higher speed Internet plan could be the answer to your problem and get files moving much faster for you.

Your Online Gaming Has Notable Lag

If you're a gamer that goes online, you may be well aware of how important it is to minimize the amount of lag between when you press a button and when it is reflected in the game. This is especially crucial when playing fighting games or first-person shooters, where a couple of frames can make a big difference between winning and losing. If you are experiencing notable lag in your online gaming, consider a high-speed Internet upgrade to get you on par with the players you are competing against. 

Reach out to a professional who provides high-speed Internet services for more information.